Challenge Updates for 2010

22 riders rode over all 106 Cols. The final distance covered was 2,071km with 40,600 metres of ascent.

Here are their final placings, based on riding times (all feed-stops are ‘neutralised’) :-

  1. 1st : Mike Simpson (73hr 21 min – average speed of 28.2kph)
  2. 2nd : Tim Hyde (74hr 05 min)
  3. 3rd : Graeme Raeburn (77hr 45min)
  4. 4th : Rob Marcus (77hr 55min)
  5. 5th : Nick Amlot (78hr 19min)
  6. 6th : Tom Gibbs ( 78hr 40min)
  7. 7th : Brett Hedges (78hr 52min)
  8. 8th : Warren Bates (79hr 03min)
  9. 9th : Heather Dawe (80hr 01min)
  10. 10th : David Arthur (80hr 02min)
  11. 11th : Nick Gracie (80hr 36min)
  12. 12th : Dan Connor (81hr 43min)
  13. 13th : Andy Belfrage (81hr 46min)
  14. 14th : Dave Ward (81hr 47min)
  15. 15th : Steve Punter (83hr 23min)
  16. 16th : Nick Allen (83hr 30min)
  17. 17th : Nick Millar (83hr 42min)
  18. 18th : Simon Crick (85hr 13min)
  19. 19th : Brian Willis (85hr 30min)
  20. 20th : David Evans (86hr 15min)
  21. 20th : Jonothan Evans (same time)
  22. 22nd : Bob Hamilton (90hr 52min)
  23. Team Placings :
  24. 1st : Team Lightning
  25. 2nd : Team Rapha
  26. 3rd : Team Willier-Nuun
  27. 4th : Team Pill
  28. 5th : Team Big Peaks

h3. 2010.

All Rapha Cent Cols Challenges will be limited to 25 riders. The aim of these Challenges is to offer the best possible service to individual riders within the limits of a budget set to keep these events within a ‘sensible’ price bracket. A small group is essential for the personalised character of the CCC events. It also enables participants to stay in hotels with real character which have a similar approach to that of the CCC’s.

TWO events are being run next year :-

Alpine Challenge

13th – 23rd (arrive 12th) SEPTEMBER 2010 : Cent Cols Challenge ( Now in its second year, this is set to become a true benchmark for grimpeur status.)

Pyrenean Challenge.

17th – 27th (arrive 16th) AUGUST 2010: Cent Cols Challenge (After the civilised charm of the Alps, the wild call from the Pyrenees has been answered…So many gems to discover here.)

For itinerary details, see Routes page on this site.

The 100 Cols Alps has sold out, but places are available on the 100 Cols Pyrenees. Exceptionally for this, its first year, we are accepting riders who wish to ride 50 Cols : either stages 1-5, (Perpignan to Pau) or stages 6-10, Pau to Perpignan).

Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for reservation procedure, or subscribe here.