The 2017 Ride of a Thousand Cols

This series of ten Cent Col Challenges will make up a unique “Ride of a Thousand Cols” : ten years after riding 300 Cols in 26 days and then creating the Cent Cols Challenge concept, Phil Deeker will attempt to ride all 1,000 cols. ( #Rideof1000Cols )

The “why” has something to do with the following :-

>> Turning 60 and wanting to go on a VERY long bike ride in the mountains;

>> The end of the “first chapter” of the CCC story;

>> A passion for sharing the experience of riding ‘dawn-to-dusk’ in the mountains, in the “CCC way” ;

>> The hope of re-uniting as many past CCC riders as possible, as well as giving a chance to new riders to ride with the CCC Veterans;

SEE BELOW FOR ROUTE DETAILS. Rapha Travel will of course be handling these events :


Stats: 194km/3800M ; 188km/4250m; 190km/4100m; 199km/3900m; 160km/3200m; 180km/3500m; 188km/3700m; 150km/3400m; 213km/3200m; 158km/2500m

Main climbs: Teghime, San Cervone,Vergio, Tartavello, Vizzavona, Erbajo, Sorba, Verde, Vacia, Ste Eustache, Illarata, Bavella, Scalella, Ese, Sevi, Salvi, Battaglia, Vezzu, Santa Lucia,....

Description: 21 to 31 May. a 'slower' CCC : a gentle start to the long Journey. The narrow, remote roads; the roaming animals; the cliff-perched villages; the varied climbs; outstanding views of sea and mountains; the abundant & strange rock formations : all this makes for a heady intoxicating mix of Island Magic that leaves no one indifferent. Stages : 1.Bastia>Corte; 2. Corte loop; 3. Corte>Propriano; 4. Propriano loop; 5. Propriano>Porticcio; 6. Portico loop; 7. Porticcio>Porto; 8. Porto loop; 9. Porto>Ile Rousse; 10. Ile Rousse>Bastia. T

Appennini (Tuscany & Umbria)

Stats: 188km/4800m; 201km/4500m; 200km/4900m; 225km/5200m; 220km/4500m; 195km/4700m; 210km/3200m; 215km/3800m; 213km/4200m; 193km/3300m.

Main climbs: Blockhaus, San Pellegrino, Passo delle Radici, Sestola, Passo delle Calla, Fangacci, Braccina, Viamaggio, Monte Carpegna,Monte Nerone, Monte Petrano, Passo Cornello, Spina, San Leonardo, Valico della Fanchetta, Prato di Calci....

Description: 4 to 14 June. starts from Luca. Usual CCC mix of classics and back-road climbs. Some steep roads, but less overall climbing than some CCC's. The romantic beauty of Tuscany and the rugged remoteness of Umbria combine here to make this what promises to be one of the most picturesque of all the CCC routes. Stages : 1. Luca>Castiglione dei Pepoli; 2. Castiglione>Pieve Santo Stefano; 3. Santo Stefano.>Cagli; 4. Cagli>Sarnano; 5. Sarnano > Popoli; 6. Popoli>Castel di Sangro; 7. Castel>L'Aquila; 8. Aquila>Todi; 9. Todi>Siena; 10. Siena>Luca.


Stats: 198km/4700m; 223km/5400m; 200km/5200m; 188km/5800m; 170km/4900m; 190km/5100m; 173km/4900m; 205km/5570m; 195km/5100m; 184km/4300m

Main climbs: San Zeno, Crocedomini, Monte Bondone, Compet, Brocon, Duran, Cibiana,Zoncolan,Ciampagiotto, Tre Cime, Giau, Falzarego, Gardena, Pordoi, Fedaia, Lavazé,Manghen, Santa Barbara,Gavia, Mortirolo,Vivione.....

Description: 18 to 28 June. The well-tested classic CCC route. The Dolomites are tough, steep and live up to their fierce reputation. But SO dramatic. As well as the classics this route spend much time on lesser-ridden roads. Stages : 1.San Pellegrino Terme>Pieve di Ledro; 2. Pieve> Fiera di Primero; 3. Fiera>Tolmezzo; 4. Tolmezzo>Cortina; 5. Cortina> Canazei; 6. Canazei> Levico Terme; 7. Levico>Castelvecchio; 8. Castelvecchio>Ponte Arche; 9. Ponte Arche>Tovo; 10. Tovo> San Pellegrino Terme.


Stats: 198km/5300m; 203km/5200m; 221km/4600m; 198km/4250m; 189km/4800m; 216km/3800m; 196km/4950m; 181km/3650m; 207km/4250m; 184km/4950m

Main climbs: Petra Felix, Glittaz Dessus, Weissenstein, Scheltenpass, Balmberg, Chasseral, Pontins, Croix, Ballon, Silberloch, Moorfeld, Firstplan, Sclucht, Champ du Feu, Schalfeldpass, Kandelpass,....

Description: 1 to 11 July. starts from Belfort. A tough mix of the best from the Vosges, the German Black Forest and the French & Swiss Jura mountains. Three countries, three different types of mountain : so many climbs waiting to be discovered..... (Swiss do their roads well!) THE LEAST-KNOWN OF THE 2017 ROUTES, BUT A REAL PEARL! Stages : 1. Belfort>Munster; 2. Munster>Ribeauville; 3. Ribeauville>Peterstal G. 4. Peterstal Loop; 5. Peterstal>Frieburg; 6. Frieburg Loop; 7. Frieburg>Basel.8. Basel>Neufchatel; 9. Neufchatel loop; 10. Neuchatel>Belfort;

Northern Alps

Stats: 173km/5200m; 213km/5900m; 180km/5150m; 140km/4500m; 182km/5200m; 213km/5250m; 202km/5800m; 207km/6100m; 194km/3700m; 172km/3500m

Main climbs: Grand Cucheron, Granier, Mont du Chat, Grand Colombier, Semnoz, Arpettaz, Saisies, Cormet de Roselend, Petit St Bernard,Iseran, Finestre, Izoard, Mont Colombis, Alpe d'Huez, Croix de Fer, Galibier, Sarenne...

Description: 15 to 25 July. As ridden for the first time in 2016. The Grand Icons of the Alps take turns for the spotlight with backroad local 'secrets'. A very demanding route that earns its place on the "top shelf" of the CCC roster! Stages : 1. Grenoble>Belley; 2. Belley>Annecy; 3. Annecy>Albertville; 4. Albertville>Bourg St Maurice; 5. Bourg>Sestriere; 6. Sestriere >Gap; 7. Gap>Alped'Huez; 8; Alpe d'Huez Loop; 9. Alpe>Vassieux-en-Vercors; 10. Vassieux>Grenoble.

Southern Alps

Stats: 198km/3900m; 188km/3500m; 234km/4000m; 185km/2900m; 192km/5800m; 179km/2800m; 202km/4650m; 191km/4900m; 181km/4600m; 158km/3400m

Main climbs: Mont Vial, Bleine, Vence, Pimpinier, Montagne de la Lure, Perty, Mont Ventoux (x3), Allos, Cayolle, Champs, Vars, Bonette, Lombarde, Agnel, Sampeyre, Esischie, Tende, Braus....

Description: 29 July to 8 August. The second of three "easier" CCC routes. 'Gentle' riding pace. Although some real Giants here, this is a (slightly!) less challenging route than most CCC's. The "Ventoux Feast" has been a regular winner of Best Stage over the years. Stages : 1. Carros (Nice) Loop; 2. Carros>Palud-s-Verdon; 3. Palud>Sisteron; 4. Sisteron>Malaucene; 5. Ventoux Loop; 6. Malaucene>Gap; 7. Gap>Barcelonette; 8. Barceonete>Guillestre; 9. Guillestre>Cuneo; 10. Cuneo>Carros.


Stats: 215km/4600m; 209km/4400m; 165km/3800m; 205km/3500m; 196km/3030m; 186km/3600m; 184km/3600m; 174km/3550m; 180km/3600m; 182km/3100m

Main climbs: Mont Aigoual, Lusette, Coperlac, Bonnecombe, Aubrac, Neronne, Puy Mary, Vendeix, Croix St Robert, Pierre Plantée, Croix de Bauzon, Charousse,Serre Mure, Mont Gerbier de Jonc, Meyrand, Espinas, Asclier, Pierre Levée...

Description: 13 to 23 August. The third "less hard" route. Gentler gradients, but this will be hot! 'Slower' riding pace. Villages & scenery complete the menu with roads that will never stop to amaze and fascinate. One of the most under-estimated parts of France for cyclists. This was a massive success with riders in 2015, being called the "most scenic two weeks on a bike" by many. Stages : 1. Montpellier>Florac; 2. Florac>Aurillac; 3. Aurillac>La Bourboule; 4. La Bourboule>Chaumont;5. Chaumont>Annonay; 6. Annonay>Privas; 7. Privas Loop; 8. Privas>Aubenas; 9. Aubenas>Ales; 10. Ales>Castries

East Pyrenees

Stats: 205km/3200m; 196km/4600m: 204km/4500m; 200km/5300m; 177km/ 5400m; 199km/5200m; 209km/5500m; 202km/4700m; 201km/4800m; 205km/2700m

Main climbs: Marti, Bracons, Merolla, Font Romeu, Envalira, Baixalis, Cortals, Galina,Bonaigua, Hospice de France, Superbagneres, Peyresourde, Ancizan, Port de Bales, Mente, Core,Ax-3-Domianes, Pailheres,Jau...

Description: 27 August to 6 September. Starts from Girona; includes Spanish climbs, Andorra, and new French climbs. The first of the Grand Finale TOUGH TRIPLE. Stages : 1; Girona Loop; 2. Girona>LaMolina(Spain); 3. Molina>Ordino-Andorra; 4. Ordino-Andorra>Sort(Spain); 5. Sort>Bagneres de Luchon; 6. Luchon Loop; 7. Luchon>Oust; 8. Oust>Ax-les-Thermes; 9. Ax>Ceret; 10. Ceret>Girona

West Pyrenees

Stats: 221km/4400M; 230km/4680m; 201km/5400m; 175km/4700m; 207km/5760m; 202km/6750m; 212km/5500m; 201km/2880m; 202km/5350m; 213km/3500m

Main climbs: Aguina, Arritxulegi, Abeillles, Ispeguy, Arnosteguy, Inharpu, Soudet, Pierre St Martin, Marie Blanque, Aubisque, Spandelles, Tormalet, Couret, Tentes, Couraduque, Hautacam, Luz Ardiden, Aspin, Pla d'Adet, Somport, Bagaragui....

Description: 10 to 20 September. Starts from San Sebastien. includes many evil Basque climbs and new French jewels. (as well as the #1"CCC Extreme" stage - 6750m UP. see Cantabrico for #2!) Stages : 1. San Sebastian loop (Spain); 2. San Sebastian>Esterencuby; 3. Esterencuby>Oloron; 4. Oloron>Argeles Gazost; 5. Argeles Loop; 6. Argeles>St Lary Soulan; 7. St Lary>Portalet(Spain); 8. Portalet>Jaca (Spain); 9. Jaca>Borguete (Spain); 10. Borguete>San Sebastian


Stats: 192km/4100m; 225km/5300m: 210km/5250m; 185km/5150m; 190km/6700m; 190km/3500m; 210km/4250m; 230km/5250m; 175km/3850m; 170km/3600m

Main climbs: Espina, Lunada, Trueba, Braguia, Carmona, Hoz, Jito de Escarandi, Lagos de Covadonga,Ponton, Tarna, Gamonitiero, San Lorenzo, Somiedo, Muro, Maravio, Tenebredo, Angliru,San Isidro, Pandetrave, San Glorio, La Sia,....

Description: 24 September to 4 October. THE CCC that HAS to close the whole ride. Ridden in 2015 : it's EPIC status firmly established. The Crown Jewel of all CCC's. (includes the #2 "CCC Xtreme" stage - 6700m UP). Stages : 1. Bilbao> Corrales de Buelna; 2. Corrales>Cangas de Onis; 3. Cangas>Pola di Lena; 4. Pola>Cangas del Narcea; 5. Cangas>Pola di Lena; 6. Pola>Potes; 7. Potes>Corrales del Buena; 8. Corrales>Zeanura; 9. Zeanura>Leikitio; 10. Leikitio>Bilbao.